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Dec 27

Christmas Vacation

We survived another year.   And in the end, we did really well.  Only one serious fight, and we resolved it that night.  We’ll probably always have at least one battle every year, but we work thru it.  In the end, I’m always going to want Marc to embrace Christmas the way I embrace Judaism.  And in the end, he always comes thru in awesome ways, I just … I don’t know.  I fight with him over not feeling the way that I want him to – and since I do truly believe that actions speak louder than words, I need to remember that he does, in the end, work hard to make sure our kids have great Christmases.  He’s far better than I am at maintaining the Santa myth, oddly enough.  I don’t lie when asked outright, whereas he spun this tale about licensing – how the mall Santas have to be licensed in order to wear the costume, because he and Sam had already had a long discussion about trademarking things earlier in the month.

But either way – another year over.  It was a really, really nice Christmas.  Very peaceful and relaxed, and just lovely.  Christmas Eve with chinese food and friends was perfect, especially because this year, in addition to Joy and Skip and their kids and Becky and Aimee and Abby, we also got my sister and niece to go.  And Christmas morning was delightful, the kids were thrilled with their gifts, we got them each a couple of nice things and a ton of chocolate (Marc appears to believe that giving the kids a good Christmas involves a lot of candy).  Then we headed down to my mother’s house for the day.

The nice thing about going to my mother’s house is that my kids really, really like her.  And my stepdad.  He’s such a great grandpa to them, and at one point, Julie climbed up and sat next to him, and my heart just melted.  I was missing my grandfather a lot that day, and seeing my daughter loving her grandfather was so sweet.   Reassuring.  My brother and sister and their kids were bopping around that day too, and I just had the nicest day.

Now we’re in the throes of Christmas vacation, and we’ve got our bestest friend Glennys down for the week.  I’m so grateful for her – not only because she’s Jessie’s best friend, so utterly and absolutely.   These two just click in a way that I’ve never seen Jessie click with another kid.  Plus Sam and Julie absolutely adore her.  I’m spending all day going from mess to mess – but they’re having so much fun it’s hard to mind.  My two girls just took baths (Jessie did it only to get Julie in the tub – Julie still views bathtime as torture), and immediately upon getting out Julie announced that she needed her hat.  Everyone’s tired and I’m planning on early dinner and early bedtime tonight, Marc’s taking the older kids (that’s everyone except Julianna) to the hockey game tomorrow night.

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