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May 22

Cleaning and yardwork and laundry, oh my

I’ve had a really nice weekend.  After a solid week of rainy dreary misery, the sun finally came out yesterday and it was glorious.  We’ve got a bunch of cool yard toys, chalk and bubbles and see saws and those odd little car things that the kids can ride in, and they were outside all day long.  Today, we’re back to cool and cloudy, so I’m extra grateful for the sunshine yesterday.  I kept Aria here, Aralyn and her two boys went down to my sister’s house for the weekend.  My kids are extra lucky, because on this little street, there lives one girl who’s a year older than Jessica Mary and a little boy who’s just a couple of months younger than Sam.  They were both over here all day yesterday, plus my cousin came out with her baby daughter and her mother.

Today, it’s just us – Marc’s out playing D&D; with his friends for a few more hours, and I’ve got Aria and Julianna both sleeping like angels.  Sam is watching cartoons and Jess is working on her homework.

I’m really, really focusing on being happy.  I feel like I’ve been super stressed and frustrated lately, and I’m mentally reminding myself to slow down and enjoy what I have.

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