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Apr 26

Day 26 of fully expecting to have the baby and… nothing

I started posting about being dilated and contractions on the last day of March. This is hands down, the longest labor EVER. I had some good contractions last night, not enough to make me double over in pain but enough to make me pause and think “maybe…” but then… nothing. They go away.

Jess is sick as a dog, came home from the party crying and feverish. I took her temp (101.6) and cancelled my plans to stay home with her. She was weepy and sick all day, napped for a while, went to bed early, and was up at three o’clock, burning up and so sick. I gave her more motrin and snuggled her into bed, but she was up for at least an hour or so. She’s still sound asleep and it’s nine o’clock. I’m hoping she sleeps really late and is much better today. Sam and Jordyn are bopping around the living room, they’re so cute together. I think it’s fabulous that Sam’s got his best friend here every day to play with.

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