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Oct 09

Day off from school

And hordes of children here, although all four of them are mine. Depending on your definition. And so far, things are going well, couple of conflicts. Jessie, Lilli and Sarah get along like most sisters – sometimes best friends and sometimes mortal enemies. More often than not, Jess and Lilli are together and Sarah is the one on the outside. Sam is much more likely to prefer Sarah to Lilli, so it mostly balances out, but sometimes it’s just the three girls playing together, and then it’s just a waiting game until Sarah gets really mad at the other two. Their personalities are all so different and they are just all far enough apart in age so that they don’t mesh as well as I’d like them too. Sarah has already been banished to Jessie’s room for some cool off time, and it’s not even eleven o’clock yet. Going to be a long day….

Puked last night – just when I thought that I had mostly moved past the puking portion of the pregnancy… I’m used to feeling yucky, that’s pretty much an all day thing, but the throwing up has (or had) pretty much subsided. But when I went to bed, I felt it coming and ran for the bathroom. Marc stood beside me and rubbed my back and then held me for a while until I stopped shaking. I hate throwing up. I mean, nobody likes it, and I suppose I’m better at it than most, but I still hate it. I hate the heaving sensation when my stomach feels like it’s trying to turn itself inside out – but as an added bonus – I’d had a LOT to drink last night, which made it much better (possibly TMI – but really – drinking makes puking 100% better for me – everything flows better, if you know what I mean).

Eleven weeks today! YAY! I’m so happy, especially because I always get extra scared right around this time. I love this pregnancy – I’m so excited about the baby coming. I don’t need an awful lot, I need to get a new dresser (for Jessie, I think – she’s got so many clothes she needs a much bigger dresser than she has) and move hers to Sam, and Sam’s for the new baby. Sam’s is the perfect size for a changing table – I just need to buy another mattress for it. I also need a bouncy seat and a bassinette. I’ve got baby clothes from both Jess and Sam saved, so I’m not too worried about clothes, but I’ll need to get onesies and blankets and burp cloths.

Still agonizing over names. Although agonizing isn’t the right word – just still pondering. The boy’s name is all set – Benjamin Alfred. The Benjamin part is just because I love that name, and Alfred is after Marc’s grandfather. I’m still debating over the girl’s name. I know I’m using Julianna – and think it’ll probably be the first name. It’s after Marc’s cousin who passed away a couple of years ago, and his grandmother (Julie and Anna). But I’m really stuck for a middle name – any suggestions? I can think of lots of first names that sound great with Julianna as a middle name, but I love Julianna as a first name (Marc hates it, but again – he’s not the one throwing up so I win this battle).

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