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Apr 13

Delightful day

Yesterday, Marc stayed home from work. We had been at the hospital so late that we were both exhausted and it just made sense. After taking Jess to school, he gave me benedryl and sent me back to bed and I slept for two whole glorious hours. He and Sam played a board game and hung out, and then we switched off. I got up with the boy and he went back to sleep for a couple of hours. Then he picked Jess up at school and took her out for her special reward day. Ten good mornings in a row gets her a special afternoon or evening of one-on-one time with Daddy. They went to Friendly’s and had a very early dinner and ice cream and then went to a little beading store and made me a pretty little bracelet. After they got home, Marc did the dishes (yes, it was a glorious day) and I had spent the afternoon slowly cleaning and picking up the clutter. Sam and Marc played the classic game of “Fight on the Bed” for a while after Sam’s bath and then we all watched Scooby. Actually, Marc and the kids watched Scooby, I took a nice long shower and more benedryl. Then I read another chapter of Harry Potter and put Jess to bed, Sam dozed off next to Marc in the recliner and we were all in bed by nine o’clock. It was one of the best days I can remember.

And today is sunshiney and cool, Sam is still asleep. Jessie got up, dressed, ate, did her hair and danced off to school delighted with herself. I’m going to take the boys to the park this morning, going slowly and resting along the way. I’m no longer trying to put myself into labor and have mentally resigned myself to just staying pregnant. Forever. Everything is calm and relaxed and easy. The house is relatively clean, laundry is spinning around in the machine, I’m making chicken, rice and veggies for dinner. It may just be that we’re in a holding pattern – waiting with baited breath for my water to break and labor to really start – but right now, I’m grateful for this time. This peaceful, easy time when we wait for our baby.

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