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Jan 11


Jessie had her very first big girl sleepover last night. She’s been sleeping over people’s houses since she was about a year old, although it’s always been either my sister Mandi, my cousin Becky, my friend Annie’s, or my mother’s. Once, she slept at Marc’s parent’s house. But last night was a big girl sleepover at her friend Julia’s house. I didn’t think she’d do it. I packed her bag, knowing that she’d be coming home with me. But she didn’t. She stayed… and it was significantly more of an issue for me than it was for her. We got the phone call around nine thirty to come and get her, and Marc (who earned SO MANY GOOD DADDY POINTS last night) drove across Worcester in snow storm to get her, only to hear “Daddy, I changed my mind, I don’t want to go home.” So he came back home, and I heard him come up the stairs, and got ready to pull my tired girl into bed with me, grateful to have her home… only to hear that she was staying.

It really, really does go so quickly. When I look at her, I still see an infant, most of the time. Or my toddler girl… and suddenly, she’s got this whole life of her own, and while I think I’m doing a fairly good job of letting her go, it’s SO hard. I want to keep her with me, my tiny little angel girl, and she’s so big… I’m so not ready to have her grow up.

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