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Nov 07

Don’t be looking for Sam’s Kindergarten Pic

Because he was crying too hard to have it taken.  Why?   I don’t know – I think it’s got something to do with all the attention – being singled out.  He was flat out terrified of it.  Woke up crying and was such a wreck about it, in the end, I just gave up and told the teacher not to bother.   I know what he looks like, and take enough pictures, I’ll just dress him up nicely one afternoon soon and pose him outside and get that developed to hang on the wall.  Jessie looked adorable, as per usual – although she cried this morning to, because, as she explained to me, I fail to dress her appropriately for picture day.  I had proposed a pair of jeans and a nice top – given that they only take a picture of her top anyway.  But she claims that the rest of the third grade will be in “suits and ball gowns” so she had to make do with a boring old non-ballgowny dress from her closet 🙂

I’m not depressed, precisely, but I am super stressed out and very tense these days.  We’re still actively searching for a place to live, and I hate it.  Hate it, hate it, hate it.  We’ve seen two places so far, and neither one is acceptable.  My standards aren’t high, but it has to be clean, in a nice neighborhood, and close to a park or have a yard to play in.

I’m sure we’ll find something wonderful, but mostly, right now, I’m just stressed and aggravated.

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