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Feb 24

End of an Era – February Vacation Edition

This is the last February vacation with Lilli at home.  Next year, Sarah and Glennys will have their licenses.   Jessie will be in high school.

And can I confess, I’m kind of excited?

I’ve had a lot of February vacations like this – Jessie’s in eighth grade this year, which means this is my ninth February vacation with this group of girls, and my Sam and my Julie.  My February vacations have revolved around these girls, and Sam and Julie have been along for the ride.  There was a critical mass of girls – and the two little ones were happy to go along for the ride.

But now… I’m sensing the end of it all.  Next year, Lilli won’t be around.  Even if she comes home for every vacation and devotes hours to hanging out at our house… mid-February won’t be when she’s at home.  Sarah and Glennys will be driving.  They won’t need me to bring them to playgrounds and out for ice cream cones.   It’ll be a whole new world.


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