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May 31

End of the Year 2018

It’s been an interesting school year.

A year of huge changes for Jessica.  She started off her year with a concussion that took an unreasonably long time to go away.  She then fell, injuring her knee which led to near constant pain and a diagnosis of Osgood Schlatter disease.  She was just barely off the crutches when she came down with a virus that mimicked mono, but wasn’t.   She finally got better from that, only to come down with stomach pains that wouldn’t go away and would up with a celiac disease diagnosis.  Despite all of this – I think that she had more FUN this year than any other year since she started school.  She worked her ass off, all year long, starting with last summer, and earned all the grades she got.  She made new friends and grew up a lot this year.  Freshman year will probably still go down as a ridiculously hard year, with all the injuries and illness, but I’m so proud of my girl.

Sammy and I did a TON this year for homeschooling.  We completed all ten of the elementary school books in the math program, and will complete the intermediate series this summer, gearing us up to do Fractions and Decimals and Percents next year – he’ll start pre-algebra in what should be his seventh grade year.  Which is right where Jessie started it, in her academically advanced program in public school.  We read a lot of books, finished up Ancient History and Euro history thru the Middle Ages, and started with Ancient History in the US – and we’re on track to finish up the Level Five by the end of this year, hopefully by September to start Level Six at the same time he’d be starting sixth grade if he was in public school.

Miss Julianna had another great year in public school.  I am so on the fence with her, because I know she’d thrive in homeschool, but she’s got so many friends and seems so content in regular school that I hesitate to pull her out.  She’s far and away the best reader of all of my kids at her age.  She reads for pleasure voluntarily – and Jessie didn’t start doing that until closer to fifth grade.  She’s a significantly better reader than Sam is – although to be fair, she can see all the letters easily, which is a major hindrance to Sam and his reading.  We tried Brownies and she hated it so much – which was so sad for me because I loved it.  But we’ll try dance next year, and see how that goes.  I worry about my Julie sometimes, she’s the easy one, with Sam’s eyes and anxiety and Jessie’s food issues and overall dramatic intensity – Julie has to fight hard to get attention and focus sometimes.  But she’s holding her own, more and more.  Next year, she’ll be going into third grade, and she can’t wait.

Next year, we’ll be going into Jessie’s sophomore year, Sam will be in what would be sixth grade (and wow – that sounds insane that he’s that old now) and Julianna will be going into third grade.   Lot of big changes coming up – we’ll start looking at college junior year for Jessie, Sam’s going to be growing taller and getting more independent, and Julianna will start getting homework and more extra curricular activities.  We’re completely in this new stage, when the kids are big, but not grown up yet.


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