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Nov 26

Epically stressed

Is “epically” a word?  I may have made it up, I do that periodically.  I mean, hugely stressed.  This move process is slowly driving me insane.  I wake up in the middle of the night, freaking out about boxes and where we’re going to go.  The place we really want may not be ready in time for us to move into it, and I’m beyond panicked about what we’ll do.  Which is why I’m awake and on my second cup of coffee.  Woke up with Julie around six thirty and nursed her back down, but then my mind started racing and hasn’t stopped.  I hate this.

In other news… Julianna Ruth is officially a walking girl!  I know I’ve announced this several times before, but mostly that was just hopefulness.  She’d walk a little – but now she’s walking all the time, all over the place.  Nineteen months old – so she’s a late walker, but happy to report that she’s officially a toddler now.  She’s a sick toddler, with a kick ass cough and just so sad about it.  She’s such an uncommonly cheerful kid – really, she’s the happiest little thing, so when she’s irritable, you know there’s something wrong.  She refuses to take any kind of medicine, vomited up the motrin we tried to give her yesterday so last night, we went out and got suppositories.  And she slept well for the first time in almost a week.  Poor baby – it’s just a winter cold, but she’s not happy.  Jessica also has the cough, and sounds terrible.  No fever for either of them, but the cough sounds really bad…

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