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Jul 27

General news

I’ve decided to put Julianna back into diapers.  She started out really strong with the potty training, totally self directed, but then randomly went on potty strike.  Refusing to sit on the potty, but more than happy to wear her new undies and have accidents.  I tried to power thru it, hoping that eventually she’d get the hint that sitting on the potty was preferable to having soggy undies, but when she peed on my bed for the second day in a row, and immediately followed up by pooping on the floor – I had to throw in the towel.  We’ll try again in a few weeks.

Sam starts boy scouts tomorrow.  There’s a hike thru Purgatory Chasm, and he’s already telling me that he doesn’t want to go.  But Marc is going – he’s going to be the troop leader, and his dad is going as well, and I’m sure that in the end, he’ll have fun.  As luck would have it, his camp got cancelled yesterday due to thunderstorms, and since we had already made plans for today, he doesn’t have to go back.  Which is handy, as I don’t think I could get him to participate anyway.  He’s just not into “activities.”  I’m hopeful that scouting will be a change, because he’ll have Marc right there with him, and it’s something he’s wanted to do for a long time.

Jessica Mary is having a delightful summer, all things considered.  This is the first summer she’s really discovered books – and is constantly in the middle of four or five different ones.  She’s still squabbling with her brother pretty much non-stop – and it’s so hard sometimes, because he really doesn’t understand why he bothers her so much.  Yesterday afternoon, I had another come to Jesus talk with them, about how they have to stop fighting all the time, and that they are brother and sister – they’re supposed to have each other’s back.  This is your ally.  He spent the rest of the afternoon waiting on her hand and foot, delivering love notes, iced tea and mashing potatoes for her snack.  He loves her so much, and I really hope this antipathy she has towards him lessens at least a little bit.

Not to say that Sam’s totally innocent – because he’s not.  He’s more than willing to bug the hell out of Julie for fun.  Marc says he’s just toughening her up – and Julie does really seem to like rough play, certainly a lot more than Jessie did at that age.   But there are times when I have to intervene, just because she’s still little and he thinks of her as a lot more capable and tough than she really is.

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