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Aug 21

Still Getting Ready

I went school shopping today.  Actually, I went school shopping twice, once with just Jessie and once with Jessie and my MIL.  I bought drink containers and thermos, lunch boxes and backpacks.  Notebooks upon notebooks upon notebooks (they were only seventeen cents – at that price, really, you should buy several dozen).  Jessie and I went early, but couldn’t find a backpack that she really liked.  Oddly enough, there are far too many girly lunch boxes/lunch box accessories and way too many manly backpacks.

We met Yvonne for lunch with all the kids, and had a lovely little catch up with her.  Then Marc took the kids home and Yvonne, Jessie and I kept shopping.  Yvonne is a shopper (actually, so is my  mother, and Jessie certainly picked up on that love – whereas I really kind of HATE shopping, they seem to find it relaxing and fun).  Yvonne picked out out a gorgeous denim jacket that I would never have picked out, and Jessie put it on in the store and didn’t take it off until we were checking out.  She adores it, and it’s so cute.   Yvonne also got her some of the cutest black boots – my girl will be styling.  Thank goodness for grandmother’s with good taste – I’d have gotten her keds and called it a day.

I’m checking other items off my to-do list.  Confirmed their PaRDeS registration (religious school) today.  Jessie’s was pretty straight forward, but Sam’s was a bit more complicated.  We kept him back in kindergarten and moved him to first grade in religious school last year – because he wasn’t staying back for academic reasons, but more for anxiety/social issues.  And in the end, he ended up dropping out of religious school last year.  But this year, PaRDeS is meeting at our synagogue for classes during the week (as opposed to last year, where he was meeting at a new place, with a zillion new kids), and his best friend Jordyn will be there with him, as well as Harrison.  So I think he’ll do better in that class, and to hold him back isn’t a good idea.  Especially as they get bigger… he’s going to want to be with his buddies, going through bar mitzvah prep.

Speaking of… we’re only about a year and a half away from Jessie’s bat mitzvah!

Also registered Jessie and Julianna for dance class.  I really wanted Julianna to take dance last year, but couldn’t just couldn’t swing it financially.  Not that it’s a lot easier this year, but she’s so ready for it.  She’s got all the terminology down, and has been waiting so patiently for it to be her turn to go like the big girls.  She’ll be dancing on Saturday mornings, and Jessie will have classes on Tuesday and Saturday afternoons.

I cleaned off my desk, and bought notebooks.   The nice thing about trying to find work as a free-lance writer is that there’s not a huge financial investment.  I need to start researching editors and magazines and places where I can submit and get paid.  I’m blogging for MassMoms, which I love, and InterfaithFamily, and as soon as I can get my butt in gear, I’m also going to be blogging for Mothering.com.   I’ve been published a couple of times in kveller.com, and I’ve got a piece in the upcoming Central MA Jewish Voice.  So there’s progress, but I want more.  Lots more.


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