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Apr 04

Giant Step Back to Happy

That’s my goal for today – and to start me off on the right track, I took a few minutes to admire the sunset this morning.   Marc had to work this morning at six, so I dropped him off.  It’s not too bad, Marc wakes me up a few minutes before five thirty, and I roll out of bed, grope around until I locate the travel mug of coffee he’s made, and stagger to the car.  By the time we get to Shrewsbury, I’m mostly awake.   Which is handy, as I’m on Rte. 9 and it’s helpful to be awake when you’re on the highway.  Then there was this gorgeous sunrise, the whole sky was lit up in streaks of pink and red.  So, so pretty.

(not my actual sunrise, as I can’t figure out how to download camera to new computer, but a close approximation)

Aimee was here with the kids, and everyone slept until after I got back.  I made some lovely cinnamon rolls and everyone is dressed and ready to go twenty minutes ahead of time.  Feeling extra competent and in control today.  I’ll be cleaning most of the day today, I’m slowly working my thru the Passover cleaning, and getting rid of stuff and organizing other stuff.  None of it makes my house look any cleaner, but I feel as though I’m accomplishing something.

This is going to be a really good weekend, I can tell.  Marc gets out of work today at two thirty, and then his parents are coming over for dinner.  We’re going to the family service at the synagogue for the kids, and Marc’s headed to the gym, and then home to prep dinner.  The in-laws are coming over for Shabbat dinner, and then tomorrow is the Shabbat in Shul for April.   I’m unsure about how the interfaith discussion group is going to go, but am hoping for the best.  I just want to feel like I still really like the synagogue when it’s done, and I’m scared I won’t.

But this is the path that might lead to potentially dimming my ridiculous happiness, so I’m taking a giant step back to the happy.   Today’s going to be a brilliant day, and the start of a lovely weekend.


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