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Mar 04

Good morning starshines

All is delightful in my world (well, it is after two cups of coffee and a couple of motrin). Jessica danced off to school horribly mismatched – but she had gotten up before I did and dressed herself and was so proud that I just smiled and told her she looked great. Sam has built a fort in my living room with boxes from BJ’s, blankets and a couple of bats. He’s made little beds for several of Jessica’s babies and is sitting in the middle of it watching Max and Ruby. Jessie loved that show too when she was this age – but where she related totally to Ruby – Sam watches Max with this hero worship in his eyes… I know he’s looking for inspiration on what to do next.

House is clean (relatively speaking) and I’m so tired of winter. I wish that I could yank on some sandals and shove some shoes on Sam and head out for the morning. I loved my mornings spent out on a long walk to the park, coming home just in time for lunch and naps. I feel like we’ve been trapped in this horrible cold winter for far too long this year. I know I could charge out there – just bundle up – but I can’t bring myself to do it. I hate the cold.

Car is being worked on today – think good, cheap muffler and tailpipe thoughts for me, okay?

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