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Apr 03

Good morning sunshines

Having a bright and beautiful morning here. It’s delightfully overcast and rainy, which is my favorite type of day, especially when I want to be super lazy – when it’s sunny I feel guilty about not being outside (thanks again Mom for instilling that early). Jess has been home sick the past couple of days with a yucky cold. I sent her off to school this morning, and hopefully, we’re past the worst of it.

Sam just cuddled to sleep, he’s so sweet. He always naps in the middle of the living room, on the recliner. And on Fridays, it’s just he and I, so he gets a lovely long nap, and I read or watch television and just… exist. Fridays are my only day. This six hours that Jess is at school is my down time. Sam and I vege, we hang out, we play with blocks, we bake occasionally, we wander aimlessly when the weather is nice. And when he naps, it’s my alone time. Soon Marc will drop off Jess, and Lilli and Sarah, and then I’ll be wrapped up in getting ready for Shabbat dinner, and then Saturday and Sunday fly by, all hurry up and do this and do that, so it’s nice to have this quiet little day of peace.

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