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Aug 23

Guess what?

I’m officially pregnant. Just a little bit (as anyone who’s miscarried can attest, you can, in fact, be a little bit pregnant), we just got the positive result on Saturday. I’m so happy. We hadn’t been really actively trying, but we haven’t been using birth control since April, so it was bound to happen sooner or later. The kids are both thrilled – Jessie is pinning all of her hopes on another sister, and Sam’s lobbying hard for a brother, and Marc’s walking around grinning.

I’ve already started with the nausea, and I swear to God, I threw up once the baby actually implanted in my uterus. Ever since then, I’ve felt the nausea off and on. I’m clinging to it – there’s NOTHING I like more than morning sickness early in pregnancy because it reassures me that the pregnancy is real. It still feels unbelievable to me – three kids – just so exactly what I always wanted.

The baby is due at the end of April, just when spring is really starting. Flowers blooming, birds chirping and a lovely brand new baby :-). I couldn’t be happier.

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