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Oct 15

Guest post from Marc

Home safe and sound with my son after a very exciting weekend at Treasure Valley Boy Scout reserve in Rutland.

On the way there Friday night, Sammy asked why it was called Treasure Valley – did it have a lot of buried treasure? I told him I didn’t think so, but maybe the treasure was the natural beauty there.

I awoke at sunrise this morning, with Sammy cuddled up to me for warmth, both of us safe in our tent.

38 degrees and raining. I left him to sleep and packed up almost all the gear except the tent, his sleep gear, and cooking gear.

Got the camp stove set up in a dry spot under the lean-to, and got it started with my 11th match. Sam woke up to the scent of sizzling eggs. Huddled up eating eggs and granola bars when the Camp Rangers came around with an envelope marked “Pack 54” – special awards printed for recognition of exceptional participation in every event.

Smiling, laughing, cold and wet, battered but unbowed, we found the treasure in Treasure Valley.

I love you Sammy, and I’m very proud of you.

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