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Jul 06

Happy 10th Birthday My Samilicious Boy

Today’s another huge milestone for you – in a year when you’ve faced more struggles and challenges than I ever wanted for you.  It’s a day when we celebrate all that you are, and all that you will become.  Ten years ago, when you were born, I had no idea how to be a mother of a little boy.  And you knew that – but you were wiser than I was, right from the start.  You knew, instinctively, exactly what you needed and how to best achieve it.  You taught me, every single day, how to live in a world that seems scary and hard, how to dig deep for comfort and confidence, and I’ll never be able to describe how much I love you for that.

This has never been more evident than this year.  You’ve lost so much this year, and in so many ways, it’s been hellishly hard.  But I’ve watched you grow, and learn, and face reality and force it to bend to your will.  You find a way, over and over again, to make the impossible okay.  You find a way to cope, to adjust to the limitations and live your life.

This is the year where you learned the geography of the hospital, leading us to the doctor’s office.  This is the year you learned to speak up, to force adults to listen to what you were saying.  You learned when you couldn’t fight, when you had to get thru what was scary and not run away from it.   You grew up this year, in ways that have stunned me, scared me and made me sad and proud and so, so happy to be your mother.

Happy birthday my Sammy boy.  I can’t wait to see what the next ten years bring.

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