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Dec 28

Happy, happy, happy

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, and all is well in my world. Marc is off playing D&D; with his friends, both my kids are fed and relaxed, watching Disney and munching on some frosted mini-wheats. I’ve found huge sections of my house, and am optimistic about clearing out the rest of it by the time Marc gets home. I’m taking Jess and going out shopping later, I think, while Sam naps and Marc watches the game. It’s the last night of Hanukkah, and I’ve got one more week of vacation before Jess goes back to school.

Christmas went really well, all things considered. It was REALLY hard not having a tree, but now that it’s over, I can look back and say it could have been a lot worse. I’m still reserving the right to put one up next year, but I might feel differently 12 months from now. If nothing else, I’ve learned that there’s no predicting what I’m going to do in the future – who’d have thought I’d have not put one up in the first place? The Christmas Eve party at Becky’s was lovely – nobody showed up, which actually made for a very nice night. Everyone could sit and talk, Christmas Day – I managed to time it perfectly so that Scott and I didn’t see each other at all, my goal was to make it thru the day without screaming at him, and all I ended up having to do was wave as we passed each other on the road. The kids were good, I got to see Eric and Witch, it was perfect.

Friday, Marc and I went out to do more Christmas/Hanukkah shopping – and it was just a really nice date. We’ll be together seven years in February, and it’s so nice to realize that I LIKE him just as much as I did in the beginning. When you’re married to someone (or at least, when I’m married…), there’s lots keeping you together, habit, children, a million little complications – but I legitimately like hanging out with him. He’s still the one person I’d rather be with – and I love that fact.

Had our annual Hanukkah party last night for friends – and it went… not great. We made funnel cakes, which, in retrospect, was not a wise choice, they don’t taste all that good, and ended up ordering out for pizza later on. We had one guest who was slightly buzzed when he arrived, and continued drinking his way thru the night, making for a crappy time for everyone. But all in all, I’m just relieved that it’s all over and done with, and we can move on to January.

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