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Jul 25

Have a little faith, okay?

That’s what I’m doing.  I’m just relaxing and trusting that we’ll find the perfect place.

At least that the’s the plan.  In theory.  In reality, I’m bitchy and impatient and unhappy.  I don’t want to move, don’t want to pack and am incredibly stressed about not knowing where we’ll be living in a month.

But I’m rising above.  Having faith.  Embracing serenity.

In other news… I’m cleaning today in preparation for packing.  Which involves dumping out the toy buckets in the living room and sorting the toys into the appropriate place (Noah’s arc for all the animals, block bucket(s), army guys, superheros/matchbox cars and another box for random figurines).  I’m also very subtly putting some toys in a trash bag.  But we don’t talk about it, as Sam is a hoarder from way back and will tearfully insist that we keep EVERYTHING.

Julianna is happily rearranging my plastic cups/plates/bowls cabinet (and by rearranging – I mean that she’s pulling them all out and throwing the gleefully all over the place) and Sam’s eating ice cream.  For brunch.  Don’t hate me, see second paragraph above.  I’m doing my best.

Jessica is up in NH with my friend Annie and her daughter Glennys.  I miss her like you wouldn’t believe.  Marc is working today – he’s starting another consulting position.  Which is wonderful – because he hasn’t even really starting looking for a full time job, and these great positions keep falling into his lap.  Which is why I should be better at the whole having faith and serenity thing.  It’ll be just fine.  I don’t need to panic and fear that my little family will be living under a bridge at Elm Park in a month.

Serenity.  That’s my goal.  Faith and serenity.

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