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Aug 12

Have you ever watched a pot of water boil?

And am I lame because I have? I made myself a hot dog last night (PMS – I was eating everything that wasn’t nailed down). And with nothing else to do for a few minutes, kids and husband all asleep, I stood there and watched the pot of water. It’s magical, really it is. It’s so cool… it happens really gradually and there’s nothing in it, just the heat below making the bubbles start to form and then they start to rise to the top and it happens faster, faster, until all of a sudden, you’ve got this water that’s steaming and bubbling and making all kinds of noise. It was great ;-).

Still struggling with bedwetting… today, I’m going to try no drinks after 4:00. I’m going to make sure she gets enough to drink the rest of the day, I’m afraid she’ll get dehydrated 😉

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