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Jan 13


Due entirely to lack of sleep, and my own irrational dislike of taking medication. I’m going to force some tylenol down my throat and maybe some extra coffee… I try to avoid the caffiene, but today, it seems necessary. Both kids were up a lot last night, neither one, by themselves, would have been too hard to deal with, but they staggered it out, and the one two hour stretch when they both were asleep, I had to get up to pee.

Plus, it’s Wednesday. I hate Wednesday. Can I confess that? Jess has been taking dance classes since she was two, and I love that – I think it’s great for her, she’s sadly inherited my athletic ability, and is more than a little clumsy, so this has really helped her out, grace-wise, and she loves it. But Wednesdays are just the worst days. The class is from 4:15-5:15, and I have to get her at school at 2:30. I spend most the time just sitting in the waiting room for her to go into class, and then waiting for her to get out, all the while, trying to entertain a rambunctious three year old. Then I have to pick up Marc at work (the glory of having only one car) and inevitably, Sam conks out in the car and is then awake until midnight.

I’m sorry to just be complaining – I’m not having a good afternoon… will try to check in tomorrow with a smile on my face.

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