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Jul 02

Hermit Island

Just got back from vacation – yes, that’s right, I took two children and no husband to the beach for three days. Four days, three nights. I wasn’t alone with them, my cousin Becky was camping on the same site with me, and my mother and sister were up there as well. And for the most part, it went really well. That being said, I’m beyond happy to be home, with my husband bathing my children, laundry in the dryer and washer and the news on the television in the next room.

Jess LOVED the ocean, she was on the beach from the moment we got up until I dragged her off each afternoon for a shower. She made a bestest friend, and spent her time digging tide pools, capturing hermit crabs and then making them race across the picnic table, searching for “beautiful” broken seashells, and chasing the waves. It was wonderful… and were it not for her, I’d have left yesterday :-). Sam was pretty happy up there as well, if you could discount the fact that he started nursing like a newborn. He didn’t move more than a few feet away from me the entire time we were up there, prompting many comments on how much I spoil him, shouldn’t still be nursing him, and etc… It’s amazing how easy it is for everyone else to parent my children… or at least, to know how they’d do it so much better if they were their’s.

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