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Dec 05

Holiday Prep

When you start the weekend tired, it doesn’t bode well for the next two days.

Hannukah starts on Sunday and I’m woefully unprepared.  In that I have no idea where the hell the menorahs are, you don’t even want to know how much stuff is under my couch that needs to be moved in order to make room for the tree, and when I say that I’ve started shopping, what I mean is that the last time I went to the Dollar Store, I told Sam and Julie to pick out a few extra toys for Hannukah nights.

We’ve got a bat mitzvah today, we’re getting the tree, we’re shopping tonight and we’re doing the cleaning/grocery shopping/where are the menorahs as well.  Tomorrow is a mad rush of tree decorating, birthday partying and then latkes and candlelighting.

Sam’s been scheduled for a colonoscopy/endoscopy at the beginning on January and they’re going do eight different biopsies while they’re in there.  Biopsies is a terrifying word, and I’m doing my best to not think all that much about that.  There’s still a really good chance that it’s nothing, right?  We know there’s inflammation, we know it hurts, a lot, most of the time.   And I can’t decide if I want it to be nothing – because that doesn’t solve it, or if I want it to be something, because then it’s not nothing.  Does that make sense?   I worry all the time, because it’s not just the uncertainty over the health, there’s also the impact that it has on his overall life quality.  It sucks to feel like crap all the time.  It sucks to have bloodwork and stool samples.  It’s having a negative impact on his education – it’s the beginning of December, and yes, there have been Jewish holidays and three day weekends and Veterans’ Day in there, but he has yet to make it a full Monday-Friday week without either having a scheduled day off, going home sick or not being able to go at all.

Jessie is in the final prep for her bat mitzvah – which just reminds me that I HAVE to get the invites done this weekend.   So we’re going to stop this paragraph right here, because more stuff on my to-do list isn’t helping me.

Julie… what’s up with my Julie?   She’s just thriving.  Still my delightful little wierdo – gorgeous and brilliant and lovely and enchanting.

Ahh – I’ve blogged too long, and now have to get Julie up for religious school, then to drop off Sam’s sample and get Jessie to a bat mitzvah….


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