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Mar 23

Holy moly – I’m huge

I’m still somewhat baffled by how LARGE my stomach has gotten in the past couple of days. In the past week, it’s like all of a sudden, the baby is just putting on all kinds of weight and growing like a madwoman. And I waddle. I’m still convinced that I’m going to be pregnant forever, it feels like this whole pregnancy has just crawled by… I’ve still got about six weeks left, by any conservative estimate. Although – I’m all about fast forwarding and rounding up – so I’m also half way thinking that since I’ll be 35 weeks on Friday, I can start claiming that I’m 35 weeks now – I mean, I’m in that week, right? And since Sam came eight days early (which is, as you all know well over a week early) this one should come even earlier (why I think this, I don’t know, but am clinging to it because it makes me feel better), which means that she could come as early as 37 or at the absolute latest, 38 weeks. So I’ve got less than a month, right? In fact, according to my creative math – it could be as soon as three weeks. Right??

In other news… we’re struggling again with my little drama queen. Mornings have suddenly become absolute disasters – this kid just flat out doesn’t like going to school. We had started the sticker routine in January, giving her one for each day that she didn’t freak out and scream like a lunatic at the prospect of heading out the door – and it worked so well that we stopped doing it (on the theory that maybe it had served it’s purpose and we didn’t want to be stickering her when she was sixteen). But then she just fell back into utter misery every morning and it culminated into a knock down fit last Thursday that resulted in the loss of Rebecca Rubin for three days. We’ve been doing the stickers ever since, and it’s working. I guess. I still don’t like that she hates going to school – I talked to her teacher again, just to confirm that there isn’t anything going on at school that I’m missing. But nope – she’s doing great, academically and socially. Is well liked, interacts with the other kids, seems perfectly content and is exceeding expectations academically. I’m not sure where to go with this – she seems awfully young to have to trudge off every day to a “job” that she hates, but I really don’t know that homeschooling is the right option either.

Sam is also doing great with the potty training. The only hitch is that he’ll only go at home. Won’t use the potty when we’re out. I mean, he’s great at holding it – he’s never had an accident when we’re out either, but still it concerns me that he won’t go at the library or at a restaurant. He claims he’s nervous – and when we prompt him to go, it’s just makes him mad. But he’s reliably dry at home, and is even waking up dry some mornings, so once we get over this little hurdle, I think we’ll be good to go.

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