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Sep 08

I do have other children….

I know Sam’s been monopolizing my blogging world lately – and I’m happy to report that today was the best day so far.  No tears at all until we got into the classroom, and even then he was just a little misty, and his teacher immediately sat down and started engaging him in conversation.  He was so brave… he said “Goodbye Mama” just like a big boy.  Granted, he was talking in that sad, sad little voice, and it broke my heart just a little that he was being so grown up and big about it…

In other news – Jessie is loving third grade.  Really.  She didn’t like second grade, and I’m very happy that this year, she seems to have really clicked with her teacher and feels a lot more secure at school.  She’s been bopping off happily enough to school and doing homework with a minimum of nagging.

Just to go back to Sam for a minute :-), we’ve also really succeeded in adapting their sleep schedule.  Sam has always been such a solid sleeper, a good 11-12 hours every night, and now that he’s getting up earlier, he goes to bed easily and early – which means that Jessie is going to bed easier as well.  She’s even getting to stay up later than he does, which delights her.

Julianna isn’t walking yet – and I’m beginning to wonder if she’ll just crawl her way into kindergarten.  She’s missing the kids during the day, but overall, seems to be adjusting to being the only one at home very well.  She’s teething again – and the poor kid is just miserable with it.  Runny nose and much sadness – but in between times, she’s still so delightful and happy.  She’s just a happy kid.  Very into board books and blocks and baby dolls (I don’t intentionally limit her to B toys, it just works out that way).

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