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Sep 10

I just want a day off

She’s been going to school for a grand total of five full days and already – she’s had enough. She’s done… yesterday I dropped her off (usually Marc does it) and she was clingy and weepy when it was time to go inside. Today, she was flat out hysterical before I even got her out the door, crying that she never gets a day off, she just wanted to stay home today, etc. She was crying and crying… it was bad. I held it together until I got back inside and then called my mother and started sobbing into the phone about what a horrible mother I was to ship my poor baby girl off to school when she really doesn’t want to go.

I could homeschool. I totally could… I’ve got the time, the academic inclination, there’s no reason not to do it, except… everyone in my family who already thinks I’m a lunatic crazy parent for holding them all the time and nursing a 26 month old would yell at me. I also wanted her to be “normal” and go off to school and have friends and playdates and birthday parties. She really wanted to go to ‘big girl school’ and it just seemed to be so many reasons to send her that I conceded and shipped her off. But now that she’s miserable… I am rethinking everything.

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