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Apr 29

I know it’s just hormones

AT least intellectually, I do. Emotionally, I’m convinced my entire family is conspiring to make my life miserable. Sammy starts every morning crying. Every damn morning. And it’s sucky. Then Jessie jumps in, and then Marc starts off on one of his tirades about homeopathy… I’m just sick of everyone. They’re all crappy to me in the mornings. I just like a little coffee, a little friendliness, and why is that so damn hard?????

I’m so stressed about this stupid wedding – I’ve got all kinds of committments and obligations and I’m afraid that Sam is going to cry himself sick while I’m off being the maid of honor. I wish so much that Becky would let me bring my boy – it would make my life a thousand times easier. And as much as I know and accept that she’s the bride and we do it her way – man, it sucks.

Just not having a damn good day. And it’s barely nine o’clock.

Okay – let’s pull it together. So your kids wake up crying… it doesn’t last long, and their overall temperment is lovely. It’s five minutes or so of crabbing. Could be worse, right? He could be still in the grips of colic – I handled that with grace. I can handle morning grouchiness. And Marc is an intellectual snob, he’s also somewhat dead of wonder. There’s nothing surprising or beyond his comprehension – he’s so smart, it’s okay that he believes that he knows everything. He knows almost everything, so I’ll forgive him for being such a jerk. Rescue Remedy works – and if it helps my boy, then that’s good for me. Marc doesn’t have to agree, Sam’s crying isn’t going to hurt him nearly as much as it’s going to hurt me, so his opinion doesn’t matter as much.
(Jessie just started crying, so trying to talk myself into a cheery mood is getting a little more difficult).

I’m a bright woman, I have a lovely husband, who might be an intellectual snob and kind of a jerk about it sometimes, but is still a lovely man. I have two gorgeous children, who might be a bit emotional and dramatic at times, but they are both healthy, and a weekend without me won’t do any physical harm to them. I’ll get thru it.

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