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Oct 28

I love these kids…

My Jessie – all drama and intensity, but with this utterly odd little dash of goofball mixed in.  Samilicious Boy, my angel boy cuddle bug, who’s world is complete only when he gets his chapter of Harry Potter every night, wakes up first thing in the morning for a snuggle.  And my Julie – my little Julie, curles and smiles and utter ruthlessness when she’s crossed.  I love the three of them together and each one individually.  I love the dynamic of all three, and each individual relationship – the Jessie/Julie big and little sister, how Julie looks up to her sister, and how Jessie mothers Julie.  The Sam and Jessie dynamic, when they’re mortal enemies and best friends, over and over again, constantly cycling thru, and Julianna and Sam, they’re buddies and playmates in the sweetest of ways.

I love these three kids.  I know, intellectually, that they are no more special and wonderous than any other group of three kids – but secretly, I don’t believe that for a minute.  They’re mine, and Marc’s, and combination of the three is magical in ways I could not have anticipated.  I can see my husband in Jessie’s intensity, in Sam’s sweetness and in Julie’s odd compulsion to line things up in a row.  I can see myself in the dramatic tendencies in Jessie, in Sam’s shyness and in Julie’s conviction that her way is the best and only way.

Feeling extra blessed this morning…

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