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Mar 15

I must remember to use my powers only for good

My husband is scary smart.  Photographic memory, intellectually inclined anyway, and just really kind of all around brilliant.  He’s way smarter than I am about all kinds of things – but I kick his butt on emotional issues.  I’m a talker, a communicator – there’s little I like more than just analyzing the emotional ramifications of a situation, and anytime we’re in any kind of emotional crossroads, I can inevitably win the argument just because I can talk faster and with more confidence.  Emotions don’t scare me – I’m good at them.  Marc is confused by the complexities that having three pre-teen girls, an ex wife, and a wife present to him.  I think he frequently feels baffled and confused by the emotional ups and downs.  We’re not in a state of conflict right now, not really, but we are in a bit of quagmire over some issues with the kids, and I think I may have broken him.  I argued my point incessently (not because I want to beat him up with it, but because if something is bothering me, I have to talk it out until it’s resolved or it makes me insane), until finally he begged for a break.  Then he was all quiet and looked a little nauseated and shortly after, he left (about a half hour early) to go pick up the girls from school. 

I have to remember to not do that in the future.  Either that, or do a better job of arguing both sides (which I normally do).  On this particular issue, I’m pretty hard core convinced I’m right, so it’s tough to see his side, but I really have to try.  If for no other reason than because it’s kind of scary to see my husband at a loss for words. 

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