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Aug 18

I’m healthy -mostly

We’ve all been sick, to one degree or another, since last week.  First Marc and Sam got the cold, then I did, and Jessie still seems to have it.  I feel so much better than I did the past two days, even though I’m not all the way, I’m close enough that I’m cheerful about it.  No slamming migraine, no sore throat – I can handle a little chest congestion and stuffy nose.  That’s nothing compared to how crappy I was feeling.

In other news… all is delightful in my world.  My landlord has randomly decided to remain in FL and would like us to stay here for the foreseeable future (guaranteeing thru the school year) so we’ve suspended the search for housing and I’m very pleased with that.

We’re starting to gear up for school – Jessie starts on 8/31 and Sam starts the following Tuesday, after Labor Day.  Jessie is filled with all the first day of school anxieties, she’s convinced that all of her friends will be in other classes, but I think she’s mostly excited about starting back up.  And Sam is actually almost kind of enthusiastic about it.  He seems to be at the very least, resigned to the idea of attending school, and I take that as a major improvement.

Miss Julianna is still a crawling girl, with nary a step taken.  She just has absolutely no interest in walking and seems honestly perplexed with people telling her that she should be walking.  She’s a champion crawler – and I’m thinking she may in fact be crawling when she starts kindergarten.  She’s fast and efficient, she crawls slowly sometimes, super cheerfully (with an appealing little head bob that’s adorable) and has the super fast crawl.  She’s chattering more and more, and standing up and leading herself along furniture.  I don’t worry that there’s something wrong with her, because she can stand up, she’s just a crawling girl still.

Off to the Ecotarium today 🙂

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