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Jul 27

Why I’m not a Web Designer

There are many things I cannot do.  I cannot perform surgery, or diagnose a virus versus an actual infection.  I can’t drive an eighteen wheeler or sell someone insurance.   I can’t replace brake pads or build you lighting fixture.  And I absolutely, unequivocally cannot, under any circumstances, design a website.

I can write for a website.  I can think about what I’d like on it, and click away with wild and reckless abandon.  But I’ve managed to delete all of my side widgets, give you the option to “like” the facebook developers page, get rid of all of my side menus and reduced myself to tears twice this morning over trying to get this website to look nice.

I need a facebook plug-in, where you can click “like” and see updates from my facebook page.  I need a posting of my most popular posts, and a drop down menu where a reader can access my archives.  I had a really cool thing where you could see the location of my readers from all over the world, but that’s gone and I can’t figure out how to get it back.  There’s a really neat slider thing on one of the theme options, that pulls old blog posts from years back and displays them at the top – but I can’t figure out how to have that and not lose absolutely everything else on the page that I liked.   I cannot figure this out for the life of me.

I probably need to find someone to do this for me.  Anyone want to volunteer?

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