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Mar 11


Sam got up this morning and went into the bathroom by himself. Pooped in the big boy potty, and attempted to clean it up (failing miserably, but the attempt counts for a lot in my book) and then traisped in to sit down and have coffee with Marc and I. When did he get so big? All of a sudden, he’s this boy – he’s not a baby anymore and there’s no pretending otherwise. He likes to do everything by himself, pick out his own clothes, get himself dressed, put on his own socks and shoes. Granted, nothing matches, and sometimes he puts two socks on one foot and none on the other, and the shoes are almost never on the right feet – but he’s so supremely confident that he’s capable of doing all of this. And when he isn’t, and has to face that he might need a little help – I have to be VERY careful to not offend his ego. Marc can’t even look at him, Sam’s got so much pride and it’s like he needs Marc to think of him as capable and strong, so anything that makes him look like a baby or less than competent makes him want Daddy very far away.

In other news – everyone is definitely getting better. Jess is off to school today – she’s got a raging case of hives, but that’s not unusual, especially when her body is fighting off a virus. Sam’s cough is mostly just in the morning, and his fever is gone. 33 weeks pregnant tomorrow – so I figure max of seven weeks left to go.

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