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Apr 28

Induction scheduled for tomorrow morning

I went in for my weekly check up yesterday – only to discover that I was (still) only 3 centimeters. Constant contractions, exhausted, frustrated – and with staggeringly high blood pressure. So I got admitted to labor and delivery for evaluation and lab work. My labs were fine and the bp came down a little, enough so that I was able to go home. But I was so miserable… I just want my baby, and it’s so frustrating to be having these contractions and not making any progress. Cindy put me on bedrest (which is really not as much fun as it sounds) and told me that she wanted to see me back in the office tomorrow.

I went in earlier, and my bp was still high (152/90) but not scary high, and since I’ve got no signs of hypertension, no swelling, the labs are fine, and the baby is great, she’s not too concerned about it. But she asked what I wanted to do, we had briefly discussed induction yesterday. I took a deep breath and told her I wanted to get her out. She said she thought it was the right decision, that it had been a really rough pregnancy and that it was time. So I’m scheduled for induction tomorrow morning at 6:30.

I’m incredibly nervous, but beyond thrilled as well. I’ve never been induced, so part of it is scary, plus I know how much labor freaking hurts, so that’s scary too. But I’m so ready to hold this baby, so ready to see her and I can’t be anything other than absolutely delighted at the prospect of having her in my arms.

So send good delivery thoughts my way tomorrow morning around six thirty :-). I’ll post an update with pictures as soon as I can 🙂

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