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Aug 11

My Interview at Tiny Blue Lines

Chaunie is one of my favorite writers, and her book Tiny Blue Lines  is one of those books that inspires you.  I had my own very unplanned pregnancy, and it changed my whole world.  I love this book, and her blog not just because we both shared the experience of having our entire lives turned upside down because of a couple of tiny blue lines on a pregnancy test.  I love this book and blog because Chaunie is a writer and a mom, and she made it work.  Having kids didn’t derail her dreams of being a successful author, and her ability to write her own story in a way that could inspire others to do the same made me really start to think about my own story.  She had searched for a book to help her when she needed it as a young mom, and when she couldn’t find it, she went ahead and wrote it.  My own experiences as a mom trying to figure out how or why I should convert to Judaism, and what that would mean for my kids, for my own mom and for myself pushed me in the same direction.  I couldn’t find what I was looking for, in the bookstores or on-line.  My blog (and someday, please God, I’ll finish the book) came out of a desire to share my journey and what I learned so that it would be easier for someone else.

I’m psyched to be featured on Chaunie’s blog today, and please go on over to her blog to read the interview in full.


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