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Jul 12

It’s just too hot

I’ve started a couple of different blog posts over the past few days, but haven’t finished them.  It’s just so stinking hot that I can’t do anything for any length of time.  Last night was just brutally hot, and I’ve somehow got ALL these kids sleeping on top of me.  So this morning, I’m hot and sticky and exhausted.  As are they – my poor little Julianna had such a hard time falling (and staying) asleep and she was up at the crack of dawn.  She’s rubbing her ears and her mouth and feels vaguely feverish – although she’s always rubbing her ears, so that’s not necessarily a sign of anything, and it’s so awfully hot that I can’t tell if she’s got a fever or if she’s just melting like the rest of us.

Sam and Julie are plopped on the couch, watching PBS and the older two girls are sleeping.  Jessie’s buddy Glennys is here for a couple of days, which is delightful, because I love Glennys – but Sam got up super early because he wanted to play with her.

Fussiness ensues on the couch – nobody wins when its this humid and hot and the baby is exhausted.

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