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Aug 19

I’ve felt this way before

I was sitting this morning, thinking my thoughts, and realizing that I have felt like this before. It’s not precisely the same, but the closest I can come is when you’re eight and a half months pregnant. Not there yet, but on the precipice of everything changing, and being in a new place. Everything is going to be different, in a just a little while, and you both can’t wait for the changes and are a little bit terrified of what it’s going to be like.

I’m ready for her to go to college. I’m ready for this next stage, with just Sam and Julie. Sam moving into the oldest role at home, and Julie monopolizing that “going to school” role. I’m ready for the idea of stepping back the mothering role with Jessie, for letting her take over everything. But I’m also a little wistful about how lovely it’s been, this getting ready stage.

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