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May 01

Julianna Ruth

Holy moly – my baby girl is a year old.  At one year, she’s bright and funny, sweet and laid back.  She says Mama (a lot), Yaya (which I think is Dada – because she says it to Marc mostly), and seems to call all the kids Baba.  Everything is a phone to her – she’s forever putting random stuff up to her ear and babbling into it.  She’s gorgeous – all big grey-ish eyes and the sweetest little brown curls.  She’s not even remotely interested in walking, is terrified of baths, and spends most of her time just delighted with everyone and everything.

She’s by far my most social baby.  Jess was shy, and perfectly content to observe the world from my arms.  No desire to play pass the baby.  Sam flat out hated any kind of social interaction, and got openly hostile when people tried to talk to him (or even look directly at him).  But Julie just seems to genuinely LIKE people.  She believes that everyone loves her, likes it when people tickle her or make faces.  She loves being around huge crowds of people, and is generally happy to be held by anyone, as long as she can see Marc or I.

She’s still a happy nursing girl – but for some reason, will only eat with her Daddy.  She eats pretty much every meal with Marc spoon feeding her whatever he’s eating.  She’ll munch away at pizza or anything she can hold on her own, but really, most of her diet consists of whatever Marc happens to be eating.

Here are some of my favorite pics of her first year…

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