Last night, we drove home kind of late. Kid late, not real person late, but we arrived home around eight-ish, and both kids were asleep. But they won’t stay asleep once we carry them inside anymore (they used to be great at that) and I ended up on my bed, with two sobbing, overtired children on either side of me. I was rubbing backs and shushing and thinking to myself wildly about where on earth I was going to stuff the baby when she comes. I mean, luckily Marc’s around, and can step in, but there’s something about major over exhaustion that makes my kids crave only Mommy, and if this one is anything like her brother and sister, I don’t have enough sides or arms to make it all happen. Why this didn’t occur to me about seven months ago is beyond me, but now I’m a little concerned….

2 thoughts on “Just a little scared

  1. I'm learning about this the hard way myself. This is why Erma Bombeck said that a woman should never give birth to more than two children – because you only have two arms, and two car windows in the back seat.


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