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Jun 09

Just some of the reasons I love my husband…

– he can always tell me the names of the people who’s photos flash up on the show Lie to Me.

– he knows that dogs have four toes on their front legs and five on the back. And knows why.

– he never complains about the state of the house, if it’s messy and cluttered, it makes me nuts, but he’s never once come home from working all day at a job he hates and bitched about the messy living room.

– he’s never hinted in any way, shape, or form, that he’s even the slightest bit not completely attracted to me all of the time. First thing in the morning, hair everywhere, grubby clothes, smelling of breastmilk and still pudgy from pregnancy, he always makes me feel beautiful.

– he can sit with a crabby, crying seven year old girl child, and talk patiently with her until she smiles again.

– when I’m sobbing hysterically over nursing problems with Julie, he’s very calm, very rational, and never points out that I’m overreacting. Even when I clearly am.

– he’s delighted whenever anyone comes by, I never hesitate to make plans because he’s always thrilled to betsy to do just about anything – the more people I include, the better.

– he really, really is my little boy’s best friend.

– he looks at my little baby girl and tells her all the time how much she looks like her mother.

– he’s never really lost. Even when he is, he won’t admit it, and just keeps driving until he figures out how to get to where we need to be.

– he makes me coffee every morning, never thinks to make me do the trash or clean the bathroom.

– he loves me, loves our children, and if I wanted to have seventeen more kids, he’d be more than willing.

– he’s my best friend, my reality check, my first call whenever anything happens.

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