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Aug 25

Last Monday of Summer

Not technically, as Jess doesn’t start school until next Tuesday or Wednesday (should probably figure that out) but next Monday is Labor Day – so this is my last official Monday of the summer (defining summer as the three months that the kids are out of school). It’s been a GREAT summer. We’ve been unbelieveably broke, but it’s still been wicked fun. We did lots of outdoor stuff, Jessie got to go to swimming lessons and camp, and Sammy started talking all the time. We started doing Shabbos a lot more seriously this summer, with formal dinners and no television and computer. Jessie grew up a lot this summer, she’s reading. Slowly and not very much, but I can officially say that she was reading before she started kindergarten. Her hair is growing a lot longer and it feels as though her face is maturing as well. She just looks like a big girl now, not my tiny little Jess… Sam also matured a lot this summer. Not just with the talking, but also in his ability to fit in and play with the other kids. He’s not the baby anymore. I don’t have a baby anymore – I’ve got two kids. Which is wonderful and scary – I miss having a baby in my arms, and can see the end of it with Sam. He’s still nursing, but not for too much longer, I hope. I really want him to stop on his own, but am pushing him as fast as I can without making it horribly hard on both of us.

All in all, I have to say that this may well have been one of the best summers ever. I got to really focus on my cherubs, spent lots of time running around the park and playing with them. Marc really got to enjoy Sam as a boy this year, playing ball and wrestling. It’s been really nice.

And now I have to get ready to send my girl off to kindergarten… the first step. First kindergarten, then middle school, then college… it’s all right there, in front of me, and I feel like I’m preparing to push her out of the nest. She’ll be on her own at school, no hiding behind my legs or running to me for comfort. She’ll develop her own personality, her own relationships, her own life, independent of me. Can you tell that I’m not ready?

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