6:15 or 6:30 – Marc gets home from work, kids are usually already fed and busy destroying the living room

7:15 or 7:30- start process of nagging Jess to put on jammies, wrestling Sam to the ground for a diaper change and night shirt, brush teeth, pee it out, read stories, one per kid. Sam will now sit patiently and listen to stories, asking to nurse, but not insisting until after the story is over.

8:00 or 8:15 – shut off all the lights, snuggle Sam on one side, nursing and Jessie cuddled up on the other one, watch West Wing or CNN until they fall asleep.

9:00 – shove Jess into her own bed, slip out from under Sam and get a drink, sometimes dinner if I forgot to eat earlier.

10:00ish – lug Sam into bed, nurse him back to sleep, read for half hour or so, fall asleep.

1:00 – wake up with Jess, she’s horrified to realize that she’s in her bed with no pillow. Find pillow, lay down with her and cuddle and soothe her back to sleep. Doze off in her bed.

1:45 – wake up, cramped and uncomfortable, stagger back to my bed, only to have Sam roll over and latch on. Again.

2:00 – Shove sleeping Sam off me, roll over and try and doze for a while.

3:00 – Sammy wakes up and starts pleading to nurse. Again

3:30 – Wake up, realize Sam is asleep, shove him away, roll over, try to get comfortable, doze for a bit.

6:00 – Sam wakes up, just enough to be looking for me, and wake me up again. Get him settled, start to doze again….

6:30 – alarm goes off

Not that every night is like that – most nights, both Jess and Sam sleep thru the night – but last night was horrific and I’m so tired. And so sick of nursing.

3 thoughts on “Last night at my house

  1. I say, stop nursing!! He will get over it. There are changes in life and at three he needs to start to know its not always what he wants, and they he will need to face change.
    He isnt potty training (no change), he hasnt done anything different then what he has always done. He will be three and needs to start learning that there are things in life that need to change.

    Just my opinion.

  2. Are you a secret member of my extended family? All I can say is that the decision to nurse, or when to stop nursing is something that can really only be made by the participants in the relationship, and for whatever reason, Sam and I aren’t ready. I don’t want to force him to stop and he still really wants too. I understand the thought process between cold turkey weaning, it’s just not the way I parent.


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