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Oct 08


First – the disclaimer – I love my boy child. I find him enchanting and funny and sweet and loving. He’s my buddy, my constant companion, and truly, I can’t imagine my life without him. BUT HE’S DRIVING ME CRAZY THIS MORNING. He’s grumpy and demanding and imperious. He’s been screaming whenever things aren’t 100% to his liking (and that’s been pretty much all morning). I’m severely limiting the amount of nursing (we’re down to about fifteen minutes total all day and night) and he’s just been fighting that hard all morning. Woke up and screamed until I went to get him out of bed (as if his legs were broken). Then cried until I let him nurse, cried when I stopped him, screamed and cried and hollered at me all morning long. I finally let him latch back on, and let him nurse for a few more minutes, then he calmed down (because it works like magic to soothe and make him friendly again) and then relaxed and ate a bagel. I keep wandering away from him and after a few minutes I’ll hear the demand “MAMA – COME IN HERE!” and when I don’t (because there’s something off putting about obeying a three year old), he escalates into screaming. I’m going to drag him outside for a long walk, in hopes that he’ll cheer up when exposed to sunshine and crunchy leaves to walk thru.

In other news… Marc’s been home for the past two days with a wretched cold. Nobody else seems to be sick (although possibly Sam is coming down with something – I’d much rather blame it on him feeling sick to him just being impossibly spoiled). Jess is still content and happy at school. I went in to cover her lunch (every Wednesday, I do lunch coverage at school for her teacher) and she seems to be thriving. Sam fits in well too – she’s plays really well with him at school and he loved going in to visit his big sister at school. She had dance yesterday afternoon, and seems to be much more into it this year. She’s really loving it – I’m so glad about that.

Pregnancy is still whipping along, alarmingly fast. I’ll be 11 weeks tomorrow, and next week, I have another appointment and more bloodwork. My appointment after that will be the big ultrasound – and I’m shocked that it’s so fast. I always think of that as the half way point, and it’s unreal that it’s already almost here. I’m still unbelievably sick – have adopted several coping methods to avoid puking. The biggest one is frozen mint milanos. Just nibbling on one is usually enough to get my stomach under control. I still take the Reglan, although not as much as I’m supposed to. I don’t like swallowing pills when I’m not pregnant and even though I know it’s safe, there’s something about it that I don’t like, so I take it often enough to keep the worst of it at bay, but still feel pretty crappy most of the time. But my belly is getting bigger and bigger, and I’m loving every minute of it.

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