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Apr 01

Maternal confessions

1 – I really don’t like nursing Julianna.  Not all the time.  I’m grateful that we can, and proud that we made it thru the struggles from the first couple of months, and I love that it’s such a simple, natural way to tell her I love her and comfort her – but it still hurts, she’s not great at latching on all the time, and I’m kind of worn out from almost five years of almost non-stop nursing.

2 – I let my kids eat crappy cereal.  I can blame Marc for it, because he does the grocery shopping, but really, I don’t care enough about it to object.  My mother never fed us anything other than corn flakes or cheerios, honeycombs if we were super lucky – but my cherubs dine on corn pops, captain crunch and whatever other little treat they talk Marc into…

3  – I let them unroll the toilet paper.  It’s a short stage, relatively.  But all three of my kids have really enjoyed crawling their little butts into the bathroom and gleefully unrolling the toilet paper.  For my first two, I was home with them and Marc was working, so it was not really an issue.   Poor Julianna though, Marc is home and baffled by this – can’t, for the life of him, figure out why I’d indulge her in this behavior….

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