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Jun 20

Mid-June Round-Up

So many things happening!  Not even sure where to start…

Marc has been working as a full-time insurance guy since the beginning of the month.  I really do think he loves it, but he’s got a tendency to throw himself into a new job, especially where there isn’t any set hours.  I worry about that, he’s running, running, running all the time from appointment to appointment into the office back out for another appointment, and it’s not at all unusual for him to leave the house at eight and not come home for another twelve or thirteen hours.   There is some flexibility in his schedule – which is fantastic, but not as much as I’d like.

My job is wonderful.  I really do love it, and more than that, I really want to do it well.  I increased my hours up to 20 hours a week until mid-August (and then I’ll be at 32 hours)- which makes so much sense.  Organizationally, financially – it’s totally the right thing.  But I got off the phone with my boss and had a minor panic attack, because going from being at home full-time with my kids to being a working mom (even a part time working mom, because 20 hours really isn’t the same thing as working full time) is such a big transition for me and I worry so much about how it’ll impact the kids.

My mother is wonderful – and Julie has adjusted to having Grammy Days so well.  It’s a big change for my little girl, and she loves it.  My mother will be around all summer long (except for a few weeks, when she’s insisting on going on vacation with her husband), and she’ll be there to pick up the slack when I’m not around.   When Marc isn’t around.   The summer will be a little challenging – but my hours are mainly morning thru early afternoon, and Marc is going to work at home as much as he can, and he’ll drop off with my mother when he can’t.  And there are playdates and older siblings (I knew having teenage stepdaughters would come in handy), and aunts and friends, and we’ll get thru it.  The kids are adamant that they don’t want to go to camp, so we’re going to try and cobble together coverage to get us through until September.  Once September comes, all my childcare woes disappear, as my hours will coincide perfectly with the hours of school.

Jessie is almost done with sixth grade.  I am so grateful for Goddard Scholars Academy, because it completely changed my little girl’s relationship with school – and she loves it there.  But if she was still at Flagg, we’d get to have a GRADUATION.  She essentially left elementary school last year, and there was no fanfare.  I miss that.  She accidentally got all her hair cut off earlier this week (she had wanted it to be brushing her shoulders, but it curled and bounced up – so she actually ended up with a chin-length bob).  She went to the car and sobbed… but there’s no way to glue the hair back on (because I considered it).  Thirty five dollars later, we had a whole bunch of new headbands, clips and barrettes and I think we’re getting used to it.  She’s gorgeous – which makes any haircut a lot easier to deal with – but she’ll probably never get it cut again.

Sam is in that middle-stage of childhood.  Where he’s just bopping along, ending second grade and moving happily enough into third grade.  He’s lost in mine craft much of the time, these days, but it’s mostly a social activity for him, his favorite activity is to do it with his friends or his dad.  He’s always happiest with a friend over – and very much looking forward to getting an XBOX for his birthday this year.

Julianna is my child who’s probably been impacted the most by me going back to work.  The older two haven’t really noticed it, other than Jessie taking the bus in the mornings more, it hasn’t impacted their lives at all.  But Julie’s whole world changed when I started, because suddenly she didn’t have those days at home with Mama anymore.  She’s up and out of the house with the rest of us – and she’s handled it SO well.  I would have anticipated more challenges, but other than the occasional temper tantrum, she’s adjusted beautifully.

Next week is the last week of school, Glennys is coming down on Tuesday, and our summer is officially starting.  After what feels like the longest school year ever, I’m ready for it to end.  I’m ready for kids sleeping late, and afternoons at the beach.  Weekend camping trips and nights staying up too late going to the drive-in and stargazing on the way home.  Ice cream trucks, watermelon all the time, and constantly yelling “did you put on sunscreen yet??”  Here’s to Summer 2015!

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