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Jan 29


Jessica just got her very first phone call from a friend. And…yes, I got a little teary-eyed. Such a big girl thing, a phone call that wasn’t because I was talking to the kid’s mom, or it was Grammy who wanted to say hi – an actual phone call from a school friend. Of course, neither girl could think of anything to say, so the call only lasted for a few minutes, but it was still amazing to me.

Does it ever get old? As far as I can tell, kids just never stop with the “firsts.” There is so much attention paid to the first smile, first step, first word,… but the firsts that Jess is experiencing are just as mind blowing for me. First shower by herself, first book read by herself, first day of school, first shower by herself, first phone call, first time she changed a diaper, first time she poured a drink… it’s one of the best parts of parenting – watching your kids achieve these things that will one day be so common place, so mundane – but right now – just amazing…

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