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Aug 08

Moments I don’t want to forget

Forgive me, I’m a crappy blogger at the moment.  Similar to the end of the school year, it’s suddenly the end of summer and I’m trying to cram in everything.  But there have been moments, things I want to remember… I find myself  keeping a mental list of blog topics that I never have time to write.

– Marc and I took the three kids to Canobie Lake Park last night.   It was absolutely wonderful.  There were so many parts of it that I want to remember, the look on Marc’s face when Julie threw her arms around his leg and hollered that she wanted to ride with Daddy on all the rides, the look on Sam’s face when he figured out that he could steer the antique car and push the gas pedal all by himself.  The easy togetherness that Jessie and I felt when we slipped away from the little ones in kiddie land in Marc and went on a ride by ourselves.  And best of all, when Marc and I missed the turn for 495 because we were talking and he took the longest way possible home.  I couldn’t figure out what he was doing, I knew we were going way out of our way, and he reached over, took my hand and kissed it, and then explained that we were on a date.  Because with three kids asleep in the car behind us , a long car ride when we can just talk and talk and talk is kind of the best date ever.

– Jessie has spent all summer working on the J Cafe.  It’s the restaurant she plans on opening as an adult, and she’s completely, completely dedicated to it.  I’m torn between encouraging her and wanting to make sure that she keeps her options for lifetime career open.  She’s collecting cookbooks and recipes and drafting out menus and price lists like she’s got the opening coming up next month.

– Sam has been working so hard on his anxiety issues.  And he’s grown, so much.  It’s so hard for him sometimes, and my heart breaks at how difficult things are for him, but he’s learning more and more.  Growing stronger and bigger and bolder and braver.  I’m so proud of him.

– My Julianna Ruth is going to preschool in a few weeks.  Just two mornings a week, and I’m 98% delighted.  2% of me is so sad and wistful – my baby isn’t a baby anymore.   And I have to buy her a backpack and send her out into the world, without me there, for five hours a week.  I know it’s only five hours, and I know I’m not dropping her off downtown to fend for herself – but there’s something to be said for the fact that she’s going to be without a parent or someone who loves her for the first time in her entire life.  I’m sure they’re lovely at the JCC, and I’m 98% certain that it’ll be wonderful and amazing and great for her – but still… 2% of me wants to cry just thinking about it.

– I’ve taken the summer off from concentrated writing.  Mainly because trying to write with the kids at home is impossible, and I’ve had hordes of them here.  But I’m also thinking that I’m going to have FIVE WHOLE HOURS with no kids, for the first time in almost eleven years.    I think it’s time to dust off some old dreams and see what I can do.


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