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Jul 28

Moving, moving, moving

Which is an especially apt post title, as I’m thinking about moving and about my baby girl not moving.

First, the move.  We still don’t know where we’re going – and my stress level is not adapting well to this.  I’m okay with moving, I’m not thrilled about it, but I can handle it.  What I can’t handle is not knowing where we’re going.  So after a week and a half of solid, unending nagging, Marc has managed to get me an appt with the real estate chick and we’re going out searching tomorrow morning.  I’m bringing Annie with me, as my mother is booked with party planning and an extra pair of eyes will definitely help.

I’m working my way thru de-cluttering again.  I declutter all the livelong day, it feels like, and yet am constantly surrounded by crap I’d rather have gotten rid of.  Today’s big project is the girls’ room.  I’m blessed with a ridiculous amount of clothes – I buy them clothes (although not a lot) and their grandmothers buy them clothes.  I also get a LOT of hand-me-downs, so they’ve got TONS of clothes.  I’ve already given a bag away to Jordyn, and am working on a bag for Becky’s daughter Abby, and I’ve got one bag already ready to donate to the local Savers.  And I’m not even close to done going thru their stuff.

In other news… my Julianna Ruth is still not walking.  And she’s fifteen months old today.  She’s a busy crawling little girl, and climbing up and down off the couch.  I consulted babycenter, and they contend that the problem is that she either spent too much time with lazy parents sticking her in a stationary walker (we didn’t even have one for her) or she’s too catered to – having everything handed to her and gets carried everywhere (she’s the youngest of three, I don’t have the time or capability to cater to and carry her – even if I wanted to).  I think she’s just very deliberate.  She’s capable of getting around and getting what she wants crawling, why stress out over walking?  I’m, by nature, kind of lazy.  I’d rather sit than stand, and rather lay down than sit.  She is her mother’s daughter, after all.

I’m trying to be all zen and relaxed about it – and Jessica didn’t walk consistently until she was closer to 18 months.  But she had taken her first steps at 11 months, and Sam was a running boy by the time he was 13 months.  Julianna is developing fine in all other respects, sleeping, eating, talking… she’s just NOT walking.  She’s kissing the computer as I’m typing, so she’s developing well emotionally well 🙂

She’s so stinking cute.

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