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Mar 10

My baby’s hair is GONE

We did Sam’s hair last night – and for the record, I did agree to it and even held him while it was happening. That being said, I sobbed for ten minutes afterwards. He looks SO BIG. All of a sudden, he’s a little boy, he’s not a baby anymore. His eyes look huge and he could pass for a three year old. He’s talking a lot more now, just this weekend, he’s added Sessie, Belle, and Sarah to his vocabulary, and his one sentence that’s he’s been muttering for a while has gotten a lot clearer, he can say ‘that’s funny’ and you can actually understand it now. Everyone says it goes by so fast, but it REALLY does. He’s this grown-up little boy child, and I still don’t fully believe it. He looks SO much like Marc now – he’s a mini-Marc with my eyes.

He’s been nursing constantly lately. And it’s starting to make me nuts. I’m trying to be patient and look at it as something he just has to get out of his system, but I’m so ready for it to be done.

Jess went off to preschool this morning, all grown up in a long dress with her hair in a bun. She’s so gorgeous, I’m dreading her first day at school… when did my kids get so big?

Spent the whole day yesterday being Jewish – we left early in the morning to go to Mom’s house, then brought the girls back for noontime, then went down the Chabad for the penis party. So glad we went, we were the only guests there… then we stayed for a while, picked up one of the rabbi’s kids at a party, helped a couple of them with science projects and then met with the rabbi to discuss conversion.

All looks good on that front – I just have to find a rabbi to work with to formally convert, and our rabbi going to e-mail a bunch of names, the rabbi down there will vouche for me and I can study with him, but there’s a formal Jewish court (I think it’s three people) that I have to work with to actually get it done. And I have to do it officially, because otherwise, Jess and Sam might run into problems down the road if they want to get married in a Jewish synagogue. Much pressure….

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