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Apr 13

My turkey take a bath

This is what Julie has been telling me all morning.  We’re having the “Irish Seder” tomorrow night and the only turkey I could find is frozen solid.  So I tossed it into the tub and Julie is flat out delighted by it.  Of course, she’s always happy when someone OTHER than her is taking a bath, so I guess it’s to be expected.

In other news… all is well in my little world.  House is sort of, kind of clean.  If your standards are low, and fortunately, mine are.  If the dishes are done, and the amount of clean laundry outweighs the amount of dirty, I’m good.  Bonus points if at least one of the major rooms is swept/vacuumed.

No major plans for April vacation… Glennys will be down for the week (a fact that is bringing my children enormous amounts of joy) and I’m just planning a lovely week where I don’t have to force anyone to go to school.  Re: school – no decision has been made as to what to do with the boy child.  I don’t want him to stay back, I feel like he’s socially ready, probably still a little academically behind, but we can work with that.  His main problem is separating from me, and he’s getting better.  Argh… I’m not going to rehash this right now – I can feel my mind starting to go in circles again about it.  I’m just taking a wait and see attitude.  It’s only April.

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